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Use of Content
BizMiner grants a non-exclusive limited license to the Purchaser (you or the business entity purchasing the report) to use the data, whether transmitted electronically, on CD-ROM, diskette or hard copy, or on discs, under the terms and conditions set forth below:

You may use a purchased report for internal personal or business purposes. You may also use BizMiner content as a value added portion of a significantly larger engagement with a single third-party end user, but not to publish or otherwise distribute the Profile or the information in it. You may integrate the report or its content into a single valuation, business plan appraisal or other document intended for use with a single bona fide client.

This license does not extend to distributing or reselling the report or information in any report to multiple entities without the express written permission of BizMiner. No other print copies or electronic copies are permitted.

Refund Policy
If you have questions about the content of any report series, we urge you review the free samples provided throughout the selection process or at or contact us by phone or email before making a purchase. We do not extend refunds or credits for purchases, including subscriptions.

We provide clearly accessible free samples of each BizMiner report series on our site. The samples are for a generic industry, but the metrics and measures displayed for each report series are identical to those displayed in every report within that series, regardless of the industry or area selected. We do not provide individual company lists or information in any report series except where specifically stated in the free sample. Where there is a reasonable question as to the accuracy of statistics we present, we will make a reasonable effort to check the underlying data and assure that we have reported or manipulated it accurately.

When you purchase an online report, you will be taken to an account page which has been established for you. You can access your reports from that page by selecting the corresponding icons. In addition, we will send you an email with login information for unlimited future access to your reports. We will utilize the email that you input prior to your transaction. It is your responsibility to input a valid email address, and to set your spam controls so that you can receive the information from us. If you did not provide a valid email address, or were unable to receive our email, we have still attempted to deliver both the report and access information to you. Additionally, you can call us (866-863-9853) or email us at any time if you have difficulty accessing your reports online. Since our systems provide all the information and assistance you need to access your reports within a reasonable period of time, we will not provide refunds for reports that you do not access with the information we send you or with the follow-up assistance offered here.

Limitations: As is the case with any databases this large, some errors are inevitable. Some firms are missed and specific information on others is lacking from the database. Not all information received is uniform or complete, resulting in the need to develop projection algorithms for specific industry segments and metrics in some report series. No representation is made as to the accuracy of the databases utilized or the results of subsequent analyses. Neither the BizMiner nor its resellers has undertaken independent primary research to confirm the accuracy of the data utilized in the Profile analyses. Neither the BizMiner nor its resellers are responsible for conclusions drawn or decisions made based upon this data or analysis. In no event will the BizMiner or its resellers be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential resulting from the use of the information contained in BizMiner reports.