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Suite Subscription - best value
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$1,255 $815
US Financial
  • 3-5 year US Industry Financials
  • Legacy US Financials (up to 10 years)
  • 3-5 year US Micro-Firm & Startups
$785 $499
Local Financial
  • 3-5 year State-Metro Industry Financials
$785 $499
BizBenchmarker Financial
  • 3 year Client-Friendly Financials
  • US State and Metro Options
$785 $499
Industry Market Research
  • US and Local Industry Market Reports
  • Competitive Market Analyzer Reports
$785 $499
  • Any US Market Radius
  • Industry Map, Performance and Demographics
$785 $499
Suite Access: up to 300 reports (12 months); 150 reports (6 months)
Single Option Access: up to 150 reports (12 months); 75 reports (6 months)
Total Price: $1,255
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More Coverage: We report on 9,000 business segments. Others offer a thousand or less.

Lower Cost: Our subscription plans start as low as $499/year. Why pay more for less information?

More Flexibility: Select from our Financial or Market Research Subscriptions, or the all-in-one Suite. Customize reports with your benchmarks.

Reports Now: Immediate access to reports. Why wait days for "covered" reports from other providers?

Better Service: When you call with a problem, we talk to you, review the root data and respond. Try that with other vendors!

Sales per Square Foot report added at no cost with 3 or more options. ($179 retail value!)

Educational institutions and students qualify for our Academic License plans.


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