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" We feel that the industry ratio data provided by Bizminer is superior to other alternatives. The ability to customize the data to certain geographic areas & revenue sizes and ability to drill down to sub-segments within NAICS codes creates the best industry metrics that are applicable to the company we are working with. Customer service, while rarely needed, has also been very responsive to any issues we have had."

John G. Mack, ASA, MCBA, ABAR

Mack Business Appraisals, LLC

"I use the database for every business valuation I complete as a reliable source for industry financial statement data. The ease of access and ability to accomplish focused searches saves me time in completing my valuation engagements. The additional information provided in Bizminer cannot be found in comparable databases. Therefore, the use of Bizminer as a trusted single source of data is extremely cost effective."

Brad Cashion CFA, Managing Director

The Mentor Group

" As an experienced market researcher and business consultant, my analyses and reports have drastically improved since subscribing to Bizminer in late 2014. Bizminer reports have become an essential part of determining industry performance and financial feasibility with narrowed focus to local market areas. I highly recommend this to anyone who conducts business-related research!"

Rikki Nelson, President

Polaris Business Consulting LLC

"Granular industry data and top-notch customer service – a great return on our investment."

TD Bank

" We regularly use the industry financial reports from Bizminer in our real estate appraisal and consulting practice. The income and expense data they provide are a crucial part our analysis for going concern, and traditional, commercial appraisals. Bizminer is a great resource for any real estate professional."

Anthony L. Alderman, Jr., MRICS

President, North By Northwest Consulting, Inc.
Principal, North By Northwest Properties, LLC

"I have been using Bizminer now for several years mainly in my valuation projects. Bizminer is an excellent source due to its content and number of industries that are covered. I also use Bizminer in consulting with tax clients to see where they fit against their peers and what they can do increase their bottom line and cash flow. Bizminer is an excellent tool in my tool box."


O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig, LLP


"My students use Bizminer to find industry ratios for everything from bicycle shops to dry cleaners to golf ranges to campgrounds. They love that they can get meaningful industry and market research information from our local area, not just aggregate US data. It’s an essential tool for them to use as they develop business plans and perform industry and market research."

Chad Boeninger, Business Librarian

University of Ohio

"A terrific return on our investment! Great entrepreneurship tools... Highly responsive customer service."

Michael Oppenheim, Collections & Reference Services Librarian


"The quality is excellent. Service is outstanding."

Susan McMullen, Information Resources Librarian

Roger Williams University

"Bizminer is crucial for our students creating business plans. It provides them with a realistic understanding of small business financials from which they can assess the financial needs of their own projects."

Susan F. Kendrick, Business Research and Data Librarian

Cornell University

" Bizminer fills an important niche by providing accurate and timely access to Industry Financial and Market Reports and competitive market data across industry sectors. The database is very easy to navigate and includes many options for customizing reports to accurately evaluate private sector markets. The platform is especially powerful for new business ventures. It offers detailed financial ratios, benchmarks, and industry trends for all types of businesses in our region. With Bizminer in hand, our clients have a powerful tool. It has quickly become our "go to" platform supporting business plan creation and industry sector research."

Scott Herron, Adult Services Librarian

Eugene Public Library

Small Business Development Centers

" Bizminer is an excellent resource for researching local industry market conditions. Their reports drill deeper into industry segments than other research tools I’ve used. Their financial reports include larger sample sizes for more accurate benchmarking, and all their reports provide a detailed list of sources, giving me greater confidence and credibility with clients. Bizminer is an indispensable research tool for the Utah SBDC Network."

Robert Head, Market Research Manager


"Bizminer is far superior to RMA or other products—and much more meaningful. We use this valuable resource for all of our financial, loan packaging, business valuation and restructuring projects."

Odee Ingersoll, AVA, CEPA, EDFP, MCPA

Director, Nebraska Business Development Center

" Industry coverage is superior to competing products. This is something we use for nearly every client and our bankers love it. Customer service is second to none."

Mike Lambert, Manager

Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center

"… a wonderful tool. The reports are easy to understand and help me put the project in perspective for clients. They are very good and pleasant at customer service."

Robert Castellon, Consultant


" I find the information very helpful in getting the scope of any industry at the local level, and for getting standard benchmarks for performance. It's a fabulous resource!"

Alina Matas, Consultant


" Bizminer provides our clients with quality, real-world data to make informed projections for loans, projects and management of business operations. It is a valuable tool that all SBDC’s can use to enhance the service to their clients."

Steve Surguy, Director

McLennan Small Business Development Center North Texas SBDC

" Bizminer provides and invaluable tool in helping our clients develop meaningful business plans. The market profiles and industry financial statements help me as a counselor, as well as helping our existing and prospective business owner clients. The tools available establish benchmarks for industry norms and helps them test assumptions, but more importantly, Bizminer helps clients set goals to be better business owners."

Rick Leibowitz, Director

The Columbia Gorge Community College OR SBDC

" The Bizminer tool has been an invaluable asset in helping clients, from pre-venture to SME, create realistic financial plans based on solid industry data. Bizminer has been my “go-to” tool in helping these clients achieve a realistic pro-forma and financial projections."

Peter Rivera, Consultant


"BizMiner is one of the most important tools I use in determining financial feasibility for my small business clients. With access to financial data that my clients would never have the opportunity to utilize in planning for their businesses, they are better prepared for not only discussions with their local lender, but also with greater knowledge of their business's industry."

Whitney Horton

Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center

" I use Bizminer with my Advanced SBM clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of their business. Bizminer allows us to teach them how to dive deeper by benchmarking their performance to industry standards. For the first time, these clients understand how and why certain ratios are important tools for improving the financial performance of their business."

Dr. Sean Harry, Business Advisor

Portland Community College SBDC

" Bizminer is a fantastic business benchmarking and comparative financial analysis resource. It’s my number one tool in helping business owners assess their financial performance relative to others in their industry. Ultimately, great businesses want to be a top performer—and Bizminer’s financial information provides the foundation for creating the plan to do that."

Jim Wilcox, Business Advisor & Small Business Management Program Instructor

COCC Small Business Development Center OR SBDC

"Bizminer is one of the easiest tools I have available in advising clients regardless of whether they are already in business, looking to start, or looking to buy. The information in the report is usually instantly applied in the advising session but the depth of information provides discussion points far into the process for most clients. Comparables to an industry average are invaluable, particularly when the client has more optimism than hard data."

David Reid, Consultant


" Bizminer is an invaluable resource that I use quite often to help clients. Every time a client needs assistance with creating financial forecasts, I leverage Bizminer to assist me in establishing financial benchmarks for their business."

Steve Shalosky, Business Advisor

Collin Small Business Development Center North Texas SBDC

Business Brokers

"Bizminer's Industry Financial Reports have taken my opinion of value offering to a whole new level! Just seeing SDE as a percentage of revenue helps my clients immediately understand where they chart over the past three years, informing a truly thoughtful approach to a sensible pricing strategy. From there, using the 10+ additional pages comparing their performance to their exact-sized competitors rounds out the valuation discussion in a truly meaningful way. Great stuff!"

Chris Bond

Murphy Business

"I’ve found Bizminer to be very helpful. I use it to benchmark the financials of businesses that we are selling, or those of prospective sellers. By seeing how the business financials compare to the industry, I can see not only how they compare, but also why the businesses are doing differently than the average business. It also allows me to see working capital requirements which buyers want to know."

Marc Gudema, CBI, CM&AA

Bay State Business Brokers

"I have found the Bizminer reports very helpful in developing my business valuation reports. The ability to focus on specific geographical markets adds immeasurably to the credibility of report when compared to reports of others."

Warren S. Burkholder


"I have found Bizminer to be one of the best tools a business broker or M&A Advisor can use when valuing or taking a business to market. Benchmarking the business and understanding the industry financial model is key, especially if the business is under-performing compared to other companies in that industry space. Bizminer tools are also valuable when writing the Confidential Information Memorandum or Confidential Business Report as buyer prospects feel more comfortable moving forward with an offer when presented a comparison to industry specific data."

Lou Vescio, President

Coastal Business Intermediaries, Inc.; Past Chair, IBBA