BizMiner for Small Business

Industry Trends for your small business plan

BizMiner offers a lot of useful information to help small business owners and their professional representatives. We have entire reports and sections of others devoted to small business statistics unobtainable from other sources.

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-understand BizBenchmarker series has the business plan detail you need from a financial statement.  Our Industry Financial series includes complete financial benchmarks for small business segments in over 5,000 industries. Since our financial reports are available at both national and local levels, small businesses can access information that often matches their size and market area, facilitating the benchmarks required for business plan and projections. A pizza shop owner in Fresno, CA, for example, can access a report benchmarking that exact industry segment and market area with small business benchmark options for sales in the $1-$499,999; $500,000-$999,999 or $1 million-$2.5 million range. For most industries, BizMiner offers four sales brackets under $5 million and over a dozen in all.

BizMiner also produces Sole Proprietorship Profit & Loss Reports that analyze SP operations in the same industry at the national level. The Sole Proprietorship report is similar to an IRS sole proprietorship Income-Expense statement.

BizMiner’s Industry Market Report series includes additional small business information on 9,000 industry segments. Just select an industry and a market area (US, any state, metro, county of up to 25 zip codes). Small business information specific to your industry and selected market includes:

  • small business population (<25 employees)
  • average industry small business sales for three years
  • total small business market volume in dollars and as a per cent of the industry
  • small business cessation (failure) rates

This crucial information forms the competitive backdrop to your business or marketing plan. It helps you create your own performance and market targets, and alerts you to obstacles that you might need to address as you tell your story to a bank or investors.

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