Place Millions of Industry Reports In Your Library

Hundreds of thousands of business students and other library readers use BizMiner financial and industry market content through library licenses. Here’s why so many libraries have licensed the power of BizMiner content:

More Versatility: Utilize BizMiner content in accounting, finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship programs.

More Coverage: Licenses include both financial and industry market content. Industry Financial Reports analyze 5,500 lines of business and up to a dozen sales classes at US, state and metro levels. Industry market reports cover 9,000 business segments in market areas as small as a single zip code or as large as the US.  No competing provider offers as much granularity.

Reports Now: Immediate access to all reports. Why wait days for “covered” reports from other providers?
See covered report series.

More Small Business Content: BizMiner provides the most accurate, up to date and detailed small business content on the web, including:

  • complete US and local small business financial statements for over 5,000 industries
  • sole proprietor and startup profit and loss statements for more than 4,000 lines of business
  • small business market trends for 9,000 business segments
  • small business data for customizable market areas as small as a zip code

Lower Cost: Our combined financial and industry market databases cost less than other suppliers whose content is limited to one or the other.

Better Service: When you call, we answer. We pride ourselves on same-day response to any technical problems.

Complete a library inquiry form or call to discuss the license, get a quote or set up a free trial: 866-863-9853.

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