BizMiner for SBDCs and Non-Profit Business Assistance Centers

"..BizMiner is far superior to RMA or other products - and much more meaningful. We use this valuable resource for all of our financial, loan packaging, business valuation and restructuring projects."

Odee Ingersoll, AVA, CEPA, EDFP, MCPA
Director, Nebraska Business Development Center

"Industry coverage is superior to competing products. This is something we use for nearly every client and our bankers love it. Customer service is second to none."

Mike Lambert
Manager, Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center

More Coverage: Choose from our client-friendly BizBenchmarker series or complete US, State and Metro Industry Financial Reports covering 5,500 lines of business and up to a dozen sales classes in each. US reports are available in 3-5 and up to 10 year versions, state and metro financials in three and five year reports for most industries. Micro-Firm Profit & Loss Reports (sole proprietorship benchmarks) and national and localized industry market report trends are included. Our proprietary taxonomy expands the NAICS classification system to 9,000 total business segments. No competing provider offers as much granularity.

More Small Business Content: BizMiner provides the most accurate, up to date and detailed small business content on the web, including:

  • small business industry market trends for local areas-- as small as a zip code-- for 9,000 business segments
  • complete US and local small business financial statements for over 5,000 industries
  • sole proprietor and startup profit and loss statements for more than 4,000 lines of business

Lower Cost: Multi-user centers, regions and state organizations qualify for subscription costs far below commercial levels.

More Flexibility: Our SBDC-BAC subscriptions include both our financial and industry market databases, local and national content. Customize client reports with benchmark inputs.

Reports Now: Immediate access to all reports. Why wait days for “covered” reports from other providers?

Better Service: When you call, we answer. Only BizMiner conducts a continuous quality review of current and legacy content—and reports on the results.

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