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Our most in-depth and granular industry market statistics for 9000 industries in any US market

Industry Market Report:

All data provided for 3 years with monthly updates:
Monthly Update
  • Establishment Count
  • Industry Market Sales Volume
  • Average Industry Site Sales
Industry Population Analyzed
  • Firms
  • Establishments
  • Small Businesses
  • Branches
  • Startups
Cessation Rates
  • Establishments
  • Firms
  • Small Businesses
  • Branches
  • Startups
Annual Market Volume ($)
Average Annual Sales
  • Firms
  • Small Business
  • Site Sales
  • Startups
Employment Class Tables
  • Market Volume by Employment Class
  • Percent Market Volume by Employment Class
  • Average Sales by Employment Class
  • Establishments by Employment Class
  • Total Employment by Class
  • Average Employment by Class

Data provided for these brackets for all six

Brackets (data provided for 5 brackets for each metric):
  • Small 1-24
  • Medium 25-99
  • Large 100+
  • Unknown
  • Total
Sales per Employee
Industry Startup Activity
  • Industry Startup Firms
  • Industry New Branches
  • Industry Startup Rate
  • Benchmark (all-industry or national industry) Startup Rate
  • Startup Index
Sales Growth Rates
  • Industry Sales Growth Rate
  • Benchmark (all-industry or national industry) Sales Growth Rate
Employment Growth Rates
  • Industry Employment Growth Rate
  • Benchmark (all-industry or national industry) Employment Growth Rate
Industry Concentrations (% of total area)
  • Establishments
  • Employment
  • Sales
Consolidation Trends
  • Industry Branch Concentration
  • Benchmark (all-industry or national industry )Branch Concentration
Market Area Population Demographics
  • Market Area Population Demographics
  • Population: Race, Ethnicity, Age
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Housing

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