Industry Market Trend Reports

Local competitive analysis in a nutshell

Easy to read - Easy to use

Expanded 32 - page analysis

3-Year Market Trends for 9000 industries

Any US Market: Zip code-County-Metro-State-National or Radius

Sharpen your local and national analysis!


  • Compare Average Annual Competitor Sales
  • Median Annual Competitor Sales
  • Average Wage
  • Sales per Employee
  • Rent per Employee

Understand Your Competitive Position:

  • Sales Rank
  • Sales Percentile
  • Sales per Employee Index
  • Efficiency Index (SPE/Avg. Wage)

Demonstrate Market Opportunity:

  • Sales per household
  • Sales per person
  • Sales per business


  • Competitor Analysis: Industry map; industry and small business counts, averages and trends
  • Market Volume: Industry-Small business-startup dollars and share
  • Annual Sales: Industry-small business-startup sales with benchmarked sales rankings
  • Market Penetration: US and Market area industry sales per person-household-business
  • Employment: Industry-small business-startup counts and trends
  • Sales/Employment Classes: size breakout detail by employment and sales category
  • Productivity: Sales per employee-Average annual wages-Rent per employee with benchmark indices
  • Startups: Entrepreneurial activity-sales-market share-US and local benchmarks
  • Industry Concentrations: Multi-year Sales-Employment-Establishments as a percentage of total economy
  • Cessation Rates: Industry-small business-startups-branches
  • Ownership Patterns: Industry market area and US branch concentrations
  • Population Demographics: Selected area data: age-ethnicity-employment-income-education-housing

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