Compare Performance
  • industry market volume
  • average, median and small business sales
  • average annual wage
  • sales per employee and efficiency rate
  • rent per employee

  • Demonstrate Market Advantages-Opportunities
  • map industry competitors and vendors
  • click-and-display enterprise sales and contact links
  • market penetration and opportunity gaps

  • Understand Competitive Position
    Measure your firm or clients:
  • sales rank
  • sales percentile
  • sales per employee index
  • efficiency index (SPE/avg. wage)

More Industry Market Analysis Content

Business Prospect Lists: Stand-alone or linked to BizMiner market reports. Includes business contact information, sales and employment.

Competitive Market Narrative: Best for narratives in business plans or reports. Custom narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area- down to the zip code.

3-Ring Demographic Series: Custom-selected radii 1-100 miles for population demographics in any US market. Value and percentages for population, age, race-ethnicity, employment, income education and housing.

Sales per Square Foot Report: Industry sales per square foot analysis compiled from 128,796 retail stores. Industry statistics detailed by company in 14 industries.


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Rikki Nelson, President

Polaris Business Consulting LLC

"Granular industry data and top-notch customer service – a great return on our investment."

TD Bank

"BizMiner is an excellent resource for researching local industry market conditions. Their reports drill deeper into industry segments than other research tools I’ve used. BizMiner is an indispensable research tool!"

Robert Head, Market Research Manager, Utah SBDC

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Mike Lambert

Manager, WY Entrepreneur Market Research Center