Market Analysis Snapshots That Sell Your Listings

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  • Smart filter--display only the results you want
  • Use alone or with share with your brokerage
  • Any industry, any US market area
  • Simple creation process
  • Highlights your brand, logo and brokerage contact
  • Print, email and post on your web site

Snapshots include:

Your Listing's Key Industry Market Demographics:

  • Industry Market Competitor Map
  • Gross Local Market Revenue
  • Small Business Market Share
  • Industry Market Average Sales
  • Industry Market Small Business Sales
  • Industry Market Median Sales
  • Industry Market Sales per Employee
  • Sales per Person and Index (Industry Market: US)
  • Sales per Household and Index (Industry Market: US)

*Your Listing's Key Competitive Metrics:

  • Market Sales Rank
  • Average and Median Sales or Variance
  • Average Small Business Sales or Variance
  • Owner Earnings Variance from Peer Group
  • Owner Earnings Variance from Average
  • Sales per Employee Index
  • Efficiency Index
* requires client inputs

Your Listing's Key Market Area Population Demographics:

  • Population
  • Age
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Housing Costs
  • Education

To-the-Point Snapshot Bundles (1 Year)

Bundle of: Cost Additional Reports
25 $249 $9.96
50 $423 $8.46
100 $700 $7.00
250 $1,500 $6.00

May be used by anyone in your brokerage.
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