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The 2020 report includes 28% more stores;
29% more companies; 3 additional industries

  • name and industry of all firms
  • average and total store sales
  • sales per square foot
  • square foot basis (gross or selling)
  • total reported stores by company
  • New added metric: industry sample average values

More Industry Market Analysis Content

Industry Market Reports: Best for regional, small business and entreprenuerial industry trend analysis. Three-year industry market research trends plus update month data. (Radius reports: two years plus update.) Select any industry and national or any local US market area. Competitive advantage analysis, mapped intelligence: industry volume, average sales and rank. Fully customizable.

Competitive Market Narrative: Best for narratives in business plans or reports. Custom narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area- down to the zip code.

3-Ring Demographic Series: Custom-selected radii 1-100 miles for population demographics in any US market. Value and percentages for population, age, race-ethnicity, employment, income education and housing.

Detail on 114 companies in 17 retail groups

  • firm-specific sales per sq. ft. data
  • 17 industries including restaurants
  • 2019-2020 statistics based on 168,072 stores
  • immediate, stored access
  • PDF format