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Regional Business Profile

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Why Regional Business Profiles?
Every business or marketing plan needs background vitality information on its market area. Every appraisal needs fast background information to fill in the gaps. Every economic development market needs to develop its story for prospects. Every investment in a county, metro or state requires an overview of its economic base. BizMiner Regional Business Profile series responds to them all.

Each 7-page profile includes:
  • · 3-year trend detail for 19 industry sectors
  • · sector, small business and startup counts and distribution
  • · sector, small business and startup market volumes
  • · sector, small business and startup market share
  • · sector, small business and startup failure rates (US)
  • · entrepreneurial activity
  • · 3,000 US states, metros and counties
  • · new branch development
  • · sales and employment distribution and growth
  • · US national benchmarks
  • · immediate, stored access
  • · HTML, PDF and spreadsheet formats

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