Competitive Market Narrative Series

Granular narrative analysis of any US industry market

Easy to read—Easy to use

  • US or any state-metro-county-zips or radius
  • Content refreshed monthly
  • Mapped and charted competitor data

Easy to Configure

walk‐through selection process
optional firm comparison inputs
copy-paste narrative analysis
your logo and co-brand

Easy to Communicate

prose presentation format
PDF and HTML versions
store/retrieve client reports
industry market map
critical industry charts

Easy to Understand

local industry market overview
narrative firm-to-industry comparisons
concise narrative analysis

Unparalleled Data Granularity

key market-specific trends
9000-plus industries
any radius-zip-county-metro-state

More Industry Market Analysis Content

Industry Market Reports:

Best for regional, small business and entreprenuerial industry trend analysis. Three-year industry market research trends plus update month data. (Radius reports: two years plus update.) Select any industry and national or any local US market area. Competitive advantage analysis, mapped intelligence: industry volume, average sales and rank. Fully customizable. $111

Business Prospect Lists:

Stand-alone or linked to BizMiner and Bizmarkets2Go market reports. Includes business contact information, sales and employment.

BizBroker Market Opportunity Snapshots:

Best for brokers, buyers, customer call prep and small business owners. Industry market advantages and opportunities highlighted and quantified for any business. Key industry and population demographics, with quantified competitive listing opportunities and advantages. Bundles as low as $6/Snapshot.

Sales per Square Foot Report:

Industry sales per square foot analysis compiled from 128,796 retail stores. Industry statistics detailed by company in 14 industries. $179

Vertical IQ Profiles:

Gain financial, operational, and macro-economic insight with BizMiner partner Vertical IQ reports on over 225 US industries. $129


BizMiner vs. RMA: There’s really no comparison

Whether you’re looking at industry granularity, market area specificity, line item detail or just plain ease of use, BizMiner comes out ahead at every turn. And data integrity? BizMiner content is accepted in US Tax Court, licensed by multiple taxing agencies in the US and Canada, and is in use by thousands of CPAs, valuation banking professionals.

What are you waiting for? Contact us or call 717-909-6000 and let’s talk about how we can make it easy for you to try us out and make the switch. Ask us about competitive pricing.

Industry Financial Content BizMiner RMA
Detailed Industries (NAICS-6 and deeper) >5000 788
Financial Ratios 34 18
Localized Financial Reporting US & 350 states-metros US & 6 regions
Peer Group Breakouts 12 sales classes 6 asset classes
Sole Proprietorship Reports Yes No
Most Recent Times Series 2017q2 2016q1-17q1 (variable)
Updates/Year 2x 1x
Profit & Loss Line Items 24 6
Balance Sheet Line Items 18 20
Cost of Sales/Goods Sold 90% of industries Mfg. and retail only
Cost of Sales/Goods Sold: Labor Portion 90% of industries No
Presentation dollar and percentage percentage only
*Bizminer also offers a full line of client market analysis content.

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