Industry Market Opportunity Snapshots

Highlight and quantify market advantages and opportunities for any business:

for Business Brokers

Use for teasers, CIMs and web ads—Co-branded and customized

for Business Buyers

Easy, fast and cost-effective market analysis highlights

for Customer Client Market Analysis Snapshot

Fast facts about client market opportunities—Co-brand and share

for Business Owners

New insight into your market position and opportunities
Content refreshed monthly

Our easy-to-build, easy-to customize platform generates a precision market intelligence report for every client, prospect or listing.

Spotlight critical local market data and the competitive position of any US business—any industry, any market area—including:

  • Key Industry Market Demographics
  • Key Competitive Position Rankings
  • Key Market Area Population Demographics

More Industry Market Analysis Content

Industry Market Reports:

Best for regional, small business and entreprenuerial industry trend analysis. Three-year industry market research trends plus update month data. (Radius reports: two years plus update.) Select any industry and national or any local US market area. Competitive advantage analysis, mapped intelligence: industry volume, average sales and rank. Fully customizable. Newly expanded analysis! $109

Business Prospect Lists:

Stand-alone or linked to BizMiner and Bizmarkets2Go market reports. Includes business contact information, sales and employment.

Competitive Market Analyzer:

Best for narratives in business plans or reports. Custom narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area- down to the zip code. $109

Sales per Square Foot Report:

Industry sales per square foot analysis compiled from 132,476 retail stores. Industry statistics detailed by company in 14 industries. $179

Vertical IQ Profiles:

Gain financial, operational, and macro-economic insight with BizMiner partner Vertical IQ reports on over 225 US industries. $129

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