BizMiner Business Prospect Lists:

  • Choose from 9000 industry segments
  • Any US radius, zip, county, metro or state
  • Link to lists behind BizMiner Industry Market and Snapshot reports

Download the complete business contact list for your industry market area selection or filter by sales and data availability.

Lists load as spreadsheet files and include:

  • Business Name
  • Industry Code
  • Industry Name
  • Location Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip (+4 where available)
  • Primary Phone Number (where available)
  • Contact First and Last Name (where available)
  • Contact Title Code (where available)
  • Location Annual Estimated Sales
  • Location Employment
  • Distance from Market Center-point (radius-based lists)
  • URL (where available)

. . . and it's cost effective:

  • 32¢/record (Records 1-500)
  • 30¢/record (Records 501-1000)
  • 28¢/record (Records 1001-5000)
  • 26¢/record (Records 5001+)
  • Minimum charge $15.00
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Optional business lists are now also available for every Local Industry Market Report.

Individual enterprise sales in lists are based on reported employment and BizMiner calculations of average, location-specific industry sales per employee. Sales per employee calculations are based on US Economic Census data indexed by BizMiner each month using five industry price and productivity metrics. To the extent that either reported employment or sales per employee varies from our calculations, individual enterprise sales estimates may vary from actual.







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