Industry Financial Ratios

These Industry Financial Ratios are included for every year of every Industry Financial report:

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Financial Ratios: Cash Flow-Solvency

Accounts Payable: Business Revenue (%)
Current Liabilities: Inventory (%)
Current Liabilities: Net Worth (%)
Current Ratio (%)
Days Payable (%)
Quick Ratio (%)
Total Liabilities: Net Worth (%)

Financial Ratios: Profitability

EBITDA: Business Revenue (%)
Pre-Tax Return On Assets (%)
Pre-Tax Return on Net Worth (%)
Pre-Tax Return on Business Revenue (%)
After Tax Return on Assets (%)
After Tax Return on Net Worth (%)
After Tax Return on Business Revenue (%)
Discretionary Owner Earnings (%)

Financial Ratios: Efficiency-Debt-Risk

Assets: Business Revenue
Cost of Sales: Accounts Payable
Cost of Sales: Inventory
Days Inventory
Days Receivables
Days Working Capital
EBITDA: Interest Expense
Fixed Assets: Net Worth
Gross Margin: Business Revenue
Net Working Capital: Business Revenue
Loans-Notes Payable: Net Worth
Long-Term Liabilities: Net Worth

Financial Ratios: Turnover

Cash Turnover (X)
Current Asset Turnover
Fixed Asset Turnover
Inventory Turnover (X)
Receivables Turnover (X)
Total Asset Turnover (X)
Working Capital Turnover (X)

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