Industry Financial Profile Series

In-depth industry financial statements

Easy to read—Easy to use in-depth analysis

  • US-State-Metro Reports for 5000 lines of business: Unparalleled granularity
  • Up to 15 years of data

Easy to Configure

3-step selection process
upload or input firm data
auto-calculates benchmarks

Easy to Communicate

chart and tabular formats
PDF, spreadsheet and HTML versions
store and retrieve client reports

Easy to Understand

stand-alone or firm-to-industry comparisons
clear dollar and percent presentation
standard 1120 line items
rollover and print definitions

Unparalleled Data Granularity

detailed financial statements
34 financial ratios
up to 10 years of industry financials
up to 12 sales brackets
5000-plus industries
reports for 350 US market areas
3-year report: $102
5-year report: $111

More Industry Financial Analysis Content


Best for use with clients. Easy to understand comparative financial scores, trends, and vivid, customizable color graphics. US, State and Metro versions with 23 financial ratios, detailed profit & loss and balance sheet. 3-year reports $111

Micro-Firm Profit-Loss Reports:

Best for sole proprietorships: 1040C format startup or sole proprietorship profit-loss with benchmarks with eight ratios. 3-5 year reports. from $102


BizMiner vs. RMA: There’s really no comparison

Whether you’re looking at industry granularity, market area specificity, line item detail or just plain ease of use, BizMiner comes out ahead at every turn. And data integrity? BizMiner content is accepted in US Tax Court, licensed by multiple taxing agencies in the US and Canada, and is in use by thousands of CPAs, valuation banking professionals.

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Industry Financial Content BizMiner RMA
Detailed Industries (NAICS-6 and deeper) >5000 788
Financial Ratios 34 18
Localized Financial Reporting US & 350 states-metros US & 6 regions
Peer Group Breakouts 12 sales classes 6 asset classes
Sole Proprietorship Reports Yes No
Most Recent Times Series 2017q2 2016q1-17q1 (variable)
Updates/Year 2x 1x
Profit & Loss Line Items 24 6
Balance Sheet Line Items 18 20
Cost of Sales/Goods Sold 90% of industries Mfg. and retail only
Cost of Sales/Goods Sold: Labor Portion 90% of industries No
Presentation dollar and percentage percentage only
*Bizminer also offers a full line of client market analysis content.

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