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Try Our New Industry Financial 2.0 Series
  • consolidates the best of the Industry Financial and Bizbenchmarker series
  • 35 financial ratios
  • 5000-plus industries
  • up to 15 sales brackets per industry
  • reports for 350 US market areas
  • dynamic editable text comments
  • co‐brand any report
  • select the metrics you want to display
  • dynamic ratio scoring and comments

More Industry Financial Analysis Content

Industry Financial 2.0 Series: Powerful completely customizable financial analysis presentation. Best for valuation, business plans and corporate benchmarking: Rock-solid industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed Profit & Loss statements. US, state and metro level reports. 35 financial ratios; 3-5 year reports and up to 10 more legacy data years.

Vestimates: Monthly value estimates for over 12 million US business operations. 5000 industry options, any custom market radius, quartile values, ranges and unlimited "what if?" analyses. Updated monthly.

Micro-Firm Profit-Loss Reports: Best for sole proprietorships: 1040C format startup or sole proprietorship profit-loss with benchmarks with eight ratios. 3-5 year reports.

"The industry ratio data provided by BizMiner is superior to other alternatives. The ability to customize the data to certain geographic areas & revenue sizes and ability to drill down to sub-segments within NAICS codes creates the best industry metrics that are applicable to the company we are working with. Customer service, while rarely needed, has also been very responsive to any issues we have had."

John G. Mack, ASA, MCBA, ABAR

Mack Business Appraisals, LLC

"I use the database for every business valuation I complete as a reliable source for industry financial statement data. The ease of access and ability to accomplish focused searches saves me time in completing my valuation engagements. The additional information provided in BizMiner cannot be found in comparable databases. Therefore, the use of BizMiner as a trusted single source of data is extremely cost effective."

Brad Cashion CFA

Managing Director, The Mentor Group

"BizMiner is far superior to RMA or other products—and much more meaningful. We use this valuable resource for all of our financial, loan packaging, business valuation and restructuring projects."

Odee Ingersoll, AVA, CEPA, EDFP, MCPA

Director, Nebraska Business Development Center

"Bizminer Industry Financial Reports are an excellent source of detailed industry financial information, for ratio analysis and benchmarking. I use this data in almost all of my business valuation engagements."

John Barrett, CPA, ABV, CVA, CBA

Barrett Valuation Services, Inc.

"We regularly use the industry financial reports from BizMiner in our real estate appraisal and consulting practice. The income and expense data they provide are a crucial part our analysis for going concern, and traditional, commercial appraisals. BizMiner is a great resource for any real estate professional."

Anthony L. Alderman, Jr., MRICS

President, North By Northwest Consulting, Inc.

"I have been using Bizminer now for several years mainly in my valuation projects. Bizminer is an excellent source due to its content and number of industries that are covered. Bizminer is an excellent tool in my tool box."


O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig, LLP