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BizMiner Industry Financial Analysis

Three targeted reporting options

  • IF Industry Financial Reports
    • most detailed
    • 3-10 data years
    • complete financials
    • best for valuations
    • More »
  • BB BizBenchmarker
    • EasyScore benchmarks
    • 3 data years
    • 23 ratios
    • best communicator
    • More »
  • MF Micro-Firm P&L
    • Sole Proprietor/Startups
    • 3-5 data years
    • detailed P&L
    • best for sole proprietors
    • More »

Our most detailed financial report displays of a 23-line profit and loss statement, detailed balance sheet, and 34-ratios for 3-10 years (your choice). It's an in-depth look into thousands of industries in hundreds of market areas throughout the US.


Our most client friendly report analyzes a firm's financial performance and compares it to industry averages. It includes easy-to-understand scores, trends, and vivid colored graphics, all of which help business owners make better financial decisions.


Our micro-business reports are targeted to sole proprietorships and startups, providing comprehensive financial information in an IRS format (profit and loss with ratios added) for over 3,000 US industries.

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