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Lists include the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Industry Code
  • Industry Name
  • Location Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip (+4 where available)
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Contact First and Last Name
  • Contact Title Code
  • Location Annual Estimated Sales
  • Location Employment
  • Distance from Market Center-point (radius-based lists)
  • URL (where available)

As low as 26¢/record/business record:
  • 32¢/record (Records 1-500)
  • 30¢/record (Records 501-1000)
  • 28¢/record (Records 1001-5000)
  • 26¢/record (Records 5001+)
  • Minimum charge $15.00

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Become Industry Savvy with BizMiner Partner Vertical IQ

Are you a professional consultant, CPA, or marketer researching a particular industry for a client? Are you starting a new business venture or entering a new market, but would like to do some due diligence research first?

Gain financial, operational, and macro-economic insight with Vertical IQ reports on over 225 US industries.

Each Vertical IQ Industry Report provides 20-30 pages of industry knowledge valuable for engaging clients, consulting, and planning.

Each profile includes:

  • Industry Forecast and Structure
  • How Firms Operate
  • Working Capital Management and Challenges
  • Capital Financing Needs
  • Risks to Watch Out For
  • Industry Trends

  • Quarterly Insight on Industry News
  • Call Prep Questions
  • Web Links for More Information
  • Just the Numbers (selected financial benchmark data from BizMiner)
  • VIQ reports are emailed as PDFs within one business day

Select Your Report - $129


More Industry Market Analysis Content

Industry Market Reports: Best for regional, small business and entreprenuerial industry trend analysis. Three-year industry market research trends plus update month data. (Radius reports: two years plus update.) Select any industry and national or any local US market area. Competitive advantage analysis, mapped intelligence: industry volume, average sales and rank. Fully customizable.

Business Prospect Lists: Stand-alone or linked to BizMiner Industry Market Trend reports. Includes business contact information, sales, employment and Bizminer Vestimates.

Competitive Market Narrative: Best for narratives in business plans or reports. Custom narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area- down to the zip code.

Sales per Square Foot Report: Industry sales per square foot analysis compiled from 128,796 retail stores in 14 industries.