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What is Bizminer's LOOK UP! Initiative?

LOOK UP! provides any business owner with free updates of our customizable Monthly Small Business Monitor bundle, which was developed in response to the current medical, social and economic crisis.Learn more about the reports. There is no cost, no obligation and no upsell.

The terrible medical tragedy wreaked by COVID-19 is bad enough. We are also concerned about the social impacts of mass mortality, isolation and economic failure that could drive some people toward alienation, suspicion and ultimately scapegoating. In response, we are offering this analytical business content at no cost to encourage business owners—and those who depend on the survival and success of their firms—to lift up their eyes toward the future during this dark time.

We will provide you with two high quality reports that, with a few selections and inputs from you, will equip your business with operational, financial and local market comparisons to your competition. We provide you with unique custom data and a narrative that quantifies the opportunities and challenges facing your business. You will even receive a Vestimate®-Plus, a soft value range for your business that is in the middle sophistication tier of our three popular valuation products.

You will have ongoing access to these reports, including refreshed content each month for the duration of this crisis—at no charge.

There is no catch. Bizminer is an established provider of high-quality analytics to thousands of professional and academic licensees. We believe that this service is the best way for us to help repair the world at this moment.

Each of our reports includes definitions for virtually every metric we present. Many are clearly charted and easily understood. We have also posted tutorials for both reports that walk you through the process and results.

On the other hand, we are data analysts, not consultants, and do not have the resources to individually interpret these reports with you. Fortunately, there are many non-profit small business resource organizations out there to help, including Small Business Development Centers, SBA SCORE volunteers, and some local chambers of commerce.

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Jon Brandow talks about the LOOK UP! initiative

LOOK UP! can help. No cost, no catch.

Your free LOOK UP! tools will:
  • enhance your understanding of the financial and market context within which your firm works, and benefit from new insights that Bizminer provides;

  • identify and quantify opportunities and challenges in the emerging new market and position your business to address both;

  • build company morale by "looking up" instead of focusing solely on the frustrations and paralysis of the present situation