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Use our Batch Company Insight Upload Template to create Company Insight Files from a batch of your contacts. Save the template as a CSV file. Do not alter field names or position in the template. Once the Company Insights are generated, you will be able to download Company Insight values and apply to your CRM.

Step 1: Create a list from your CRM or contacts with our Batch Upload template
Step 2: Upload the completed file you created using our file search below
Step 3: Follow the process to create Company Insight records from your list
Step 4: Open individual reports or download a Company Insights Batch File

The Batch Upload Template requires that you input:
• Business Name or Infogroup Location ID or both
• Zip Code
You can also choose to input your own unique record identifier if you have one; this could facilitate the upload of your Company Insight to your CRM.

Company Insight credits are charged only when you accept the match results and add them to your stored Company Insights.