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Select an industry and sales group to display Vestimate® Price/Earnings and Price/Revenue multiples. Vestimates® are derived from closed business sales as well as enterprise-level revenue and industry financial analysis developed by Bizminer. Multiples are updated four times per year and analyze 34,000 business sale transactions through 2020q1.

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Not all industries are available for each sales group. See included industries.

Search results display up to six values in all: Quartile 1-Median-Quartile 3 multiples for each industry and sale group combination. You are only charged a search credit when an industry and sales group is selected and the industry multiple values are load on the page. Copy and paste into a file of your choosing to store.

Business Value Insight Terms: The Bizminer Vestimate® Value basis is derived from projected company sales; peer group average earnings %; and industry valuation multiples. Median ranges reflect a range of market conditions and business performance at this revenue scale.

You should not use Bizminer Vestimates® in place of a professional valuation or as the basis of any specific business-related or other financial transaction; nor to secure a business or personal loan.

  • Owner Earnings (Cash Flow) Approach: Revenue/Owner Earnings market valuation approach
  • Sales Approach: Revenue/Annual Sales market value approach

  • Note: Median is the point at which 50% of a sample is above and 50% of the same below the value. Quartile 1 lies at the mid-point between the median and the lowest value; Quartile 3 between the median and the highest value.