Input a firm name and zip code to display Vestimate® values based on available data. Vestimates® are derived from 30,000 closed business sales as well as enterprise-level revenue and industry financial analysis developed by Bizminer. More.

Note: Only Earnings Multiples (not Sales Multiples) are commonly applied to firms with less than $5 million in annual revenue.

Vestimate Search:

Value calculations include business sales transactions and industry financial analysis through 2018.

Search results return business operations within your zip code that include your keyword(s) or snippets. Select from the results when you find the business you want. One search credit is charged only when a business is selected and its Vestimate™ values are loaded.

Business Value Insight Terms: The Bizminer Vestimate® Value basis is derived from projected company sales; peer group average earnings %; and industry valuation multiples. Median ranges reflect a range of market conditions and business performance at this revenue scale.

You should not use Bizminer Vestimates® in place of a professional valuation or as the basis of any specific business-related or other financial transaction; nor to secure a business or personal loan.

  • Owner Earnings (Cash Flow) Approach: Revenue/Owner Earnings market valuation approach
  • Sales Approach: Revenue/Annual Sales market value approach
  • Median and Quartiles: Median is the point at which 50% of a sample is above and 50% of the same below the value. Quartile 1 lies at the mid-point between the median and the lowest value; Quartile 3 between the median and the highest value.