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All market-related Bizminer reports are now adjusting our raw data to better reflect the most recent changes in local and national industry environments. We’re accomplishing this by integrating additional data from the Census Bureau API with our trusted proprietary datasets, allowing us to accelerate and refine our capture of month-to-month economic trends. Our content will display the new data in three ways:

• Our employment data will be adjusted to better reflect the most recent realities at local and national levels

• Monthly updates of industry market sales averages and total market volume will be accelerated by one month and renamed as Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) values. An additional projection of “advance month” values—the month following our normal “update month”—will also be added.

• New COVID-adjusted content will display monthly (not TTM) industry sales and employment changes from year-end 2019 through both Update and Advance Projection months. This is designed to give you the clearest possible snapshot of industry market changes on the ground, as quickly as possible. Successive monthly releases will advance those metrics for each of our 9000 local and national industry offerings.
These enhanced reporting protocols will be most obvious in our Industry Market Trend series, including a new “COVID IMPACT” tab in each report.

Similarly, snapshot content reports like the SWOT-XPRESS, Competitive Market Narrative and Company Insight series will reflect our new data update protocols and add content for each COVID-adjusted Update and Advance Projection month.


In the world of data analysis, shorter projections are necessarily more detailed and accurate than longer-term projections. In this case, update month data is calculated from a more accurate and detailed basis than the early Advance Projection month, which will be adjusted as it moves to “update month” status the following month. Please interpret and utilize this content accordingly.

Financial series content (currently displaying year-end 2019 data) will not be affected by the enhanced protocols until the release of 2020q2 data in the fall, which will integrate three months (April-May-June) of 2020 COVID-related economic impacts.