Sample Results

Industry: [238220] Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Sales Group: $2.5m-$24.9m
  Sales Multiples Earnings Multiples
Q1 0.26 2.20
Median 0.33 2.82
Q3 0.55 3.45

Included NAICS

Sales Group A (<$2.5m): 794 total NAICS
Sales Group B ($2.5m-$25m): 537 total NAICS
Sales Group C (>$25m): 390 total NAICS
Industry-wide: 1,048 total NAICS

Business Value Multiples Search: Easy search for Bizminer®-developed Price:Earnings and Price:Revenue multiples derived from 34,000 transactions in the DealStats database. Quartile 1-Median and Quartile-3 values for each industry. Now includes transactional content through 2020q1.

  • Select from small-medium-large and industry-wide size brackets or access them all; far higher NAICS counts than any competing product.

  • Harness the power of the Dealstats database and Bizminer derivative analytics

  • Includes value multiples updates during the subscription year; currently includes business sales transactions through year-end 2020q1.

  • Multiples are filtered for relevance and outliers at the NAICS-4-5-6 levels

  • Online search tools facilitate 24/7 search capability anytime, anywhere

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    <$2.5m Sales (794 industries; 150 searches) $139 see included industries

    $2.5m-$25m Sales (537 industries; 150 searches) $139 see included industries

    >$25m Sales (390 industries; 150 searches) $139 see included industries

    Industry-wide (1,048 industries; 150 searches) $139 see included industries

    Get all four sales groups and save 40% (300 searches): $335


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