Street Cred

The integrity of the numbers and ease of access to them are what we offer. Sure, we can tell you how good
we are, but maybe we should leave it to others:

BizMiner is "a data demon" Business Week

Business Valuation Resources, the leading source of information for business appraisers and other valuation professionals: "BizMiner is the most compelling source of current industry-specific data available today. Extensive and cost effective, no other source reports at this level of detail... Better data and lower costs."

Entrepreneur Magazine names Bizstats by BizMiner a "Must-Click Website, information-rich with top notch research..."

And yes, even the Internal Revenue Service refers auditors and agents to BizMiner-developed content, referring repeatedly to BizStats by BizMiner on the IRS web site and in its Examination Techniques and Audit Techniques guides.

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