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BizMiner provides analytical industry content to 30,000 banking professionals; hundreds of accounting, valuation, CRE and consulting firms; hundreds of SBDC counselors; and 185,000 business students in almost 100 universities. Our granular, reliable content is licensed by US and Canadian taxing agencies, used in AICPA training and accepted in US tax court. Why settle for less?

. . . and What they Say

"The amount of data is staggering.”
Eva Lang, CPA/ABV, ASA (Financial Consulting Group)

"…a data demon."
Business Week
October 11, 1999

"I use the database for every business valuation I complete as a reliable source for industry financial statement data. The ease of access and ability to accomplish focused searches saves me time in completing my valuation engagements. Furthermore, the additional information provided in BizMiner cannot be found in comparable databases. Therefore, the use of BizMiner as a trusted single source of data is extremely cost effective."
Brad Cashion CFA

"..BizMiner is far superior to RMA or other products - and much more meaningful. We use this valuable resource for all of our financial, loan packaging, business valuation and restructuring projects." 
Odee Ingersoll, AVA, CEPA, EDFP, MCPA Director, Nebraska Business Development Center

A terrific return on our investment! Great entrepreneurship tools... Highly responsive customer service."
Michael Oppenheim, Collections & Reference Services Librarian, UCLA

"The quality of the reports is excellent. Customer service is outstanding."
Susan McMullen, Reference and Information Resources Librarian
Roger Williams University

"You have a great service at a great value - it's a pleasure doing business with you." 
John S. McKillop, CEO, ATEC, Inc.

"A job very well done. You saved me hours and hours of work. It was worth every penny."
Daniel J. Rubin, VP Sales and Marketing, Caboto's Associated Foods Services Inc.

"Beautiful. Fantastic customer service!"
Brian Miller, Director of Operations, PRe Plastics, Inc.

"Industry coverage is superior to competing products. This is something we use for nearly every client and our bankers love it. Customer service is second to none."
Mike Lambert, Manager, Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center



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