Who We Are

BizMiner (the Brandow Company, Inc.) was established in 1990 as an economic development consulting operation. In the course of dozens of major engagements, founder Jonathan Brandow discovered gaps in available industry data that restricted thorough going local and regional analysis. When Jon decided to transition the company to online research in 2002, he based a new entity-BizMiner - on the provision of hard-to-find, granular quality data. In October 2007, BizMiner acquired and rebuilt Bizstats, the internet's premier free content industry financial research site.

Today, BizMiner content is used by more than one thousand subscribers in accounting, valuation, brokerage and consulting professions; by over 30,000 banking agents; and almost 200,000 business students. We are the official provider of financial and market analytics to the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). Our customers' continued loyalty attests to the success of the original BizMiner mission.

BizMiner is owned and operated by Jonathan Brandow. Since BizMiner’s inception Jon has been and continues to be responsible for the development of BizMiner content, databases, algorithms, protocols and reporting formats.

Jon is a graduate of Brown University (1973) and the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Center (1987). Prior to receiving his Master's, Jon worked as a welder in the shipbuilding industry, serving as steward and then president of the Shipbuilders Union at the General Dynamics Shipyard in Quincy MA (1976-85).

Jon's 2014 book The Just Market: Torah's Response to the Crisis of the Modern Economy, has been hailed by the Kirkus Review as "A singular perspective on how modern-day capitalism could be improved with a dose of social consciousness from the ancient past . . . Brandow masterfully compares and contrasts ancient commerce with modern commerce in comparisons that are fascinating . . . An ingenious premise, vigorously defended by scrupulous research."

BizMiner has been based in Camp Hill, PA since its establishment in 1990.

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