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Customized Local Industry Narrative in Minutes!

Easy-to-read analysis of your market, industry and firm performance

Define markets from a zip code to metro; Your job just got easier.

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Why Competitive Market Analyzer Reports?
Our Competitive Market analyzer series presents a complete narrative analysis that lets you define key parameters specific to your subject firm's industry and market area. The CMA integrates market and financial analysis and delivers it to you in seconds -- fully transportable to your plan or appraisal. Select from nine thousand industries and create market filters down to a single zip code.

Each 12-page profile includes:
  • · compares industry market area and national sales
  • · benchmarks firm sales against local-national industry
  • · develops industry market growth trend benchmarks
  • · projects future industry sales, productivity and employment
  • · displays firm and industry profit, officer & owners comp
  • · compares sales per employee
  • · includes regional employment-unemployment trends
  • · define your market - down to the zip code
  • · 9000 industry choices
  • · drop into valuations and business plans
  • · narrative HTML and PDF reports


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